Brand Identity and Design

If you want an express ticket to charging premium prices then a strong brand identity is your secret sauce. Why? Because beautiful design and strong messaging builds authority, recognition, recall, and distinctiveness; four must-haves for any successful brand.

Take the McDonalds brand identity, for example. Think about their iconic shade of yellow, the playful curves of the M, the “I’m lovin’ it” jingle. An image formed immediately in your mind, right? That’s because effective food and drink branding is much more than just aesthetics. Each piece of the pie works together to communicate a consistent brand identity that people associate with a positive memory or feeling.

The result? More trust, more loyalty, more revenue.

Brand Persona Mockup

What Is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is the blend of your visual elements (logo, colour palette, typography, image style etc.), your tone of voice, and your behaviour that builds an authentic persona. This persona is crafted in a way that aligns with your wider business goals and assists in achieving KPIs.

When you have a persona that defines exactly how to look, act, and speak to your target audience, you set your business up to outshine the competition.

By showing up as a familiar face and nurturing a two-way dialogue with your customers, you encourage them to advocate for your brand and remain loyal to you over a longer period of time.

A Strategic Approach To Brand Identity

We believe that brand identity is about communicating the right message, at the right time, to help someone experiencing a particular problem. Before jumping into cooking up a zesty brand identity, we first create a brand strategy. This avoids any subjective decision-making and guesswork, and instead considers what the customer needs first.

For example, let's say you're a drinks brand wanting to tap into the hotel, spa, and health club market. Let's also say that we conducted a brand strategy and deduced the following key pieces of information:

  • Hotels, spas and health clubs are looking for more premium drink options to stock their bars and fridges.
  • Their clientele is comprised primarily of wealthy over 50's.
  • Their clientele value health, staying active, and enjoying their hobbies with friends and family.

Now what can we do with this juicy information? There are plenty of decisions we could make from a brand strategy perspective such as keeping the drink all-natural, using no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, and opting for a higher price point. This ticks all the boxes for our older, wealthy, health-conscious audience. But what about brand identity and design decisions?

The job of brand identity now is to translate these key findings into design and messaging decisions that entice our target customer. Here are some things we might consider:

  • Communicating using sensual language, promoting the luxurious feeling of trying your brand.
  • Steering away from bright, playful colours and instead using contrast between dark and light to create a sense of class and elegance.
  • Using serif fonts to depict a more traditional and sincere feel to the brand.
  • Depicting people in our marketing content that reflects our customer base. For example, showing them wearing smart designer clothing or branded fitness apparel.
  • Staying on-brand by encouraging your employees to wear smarter clothing when attending meetings with potential partners/customers.

You can already see how brand identity would shape things like logo design, colour palette, social media posts, advertisements, and the communication of customer-facing employees. All of these things together will work hard to create a brand experience your customers will never forget.

Turning Insights Into A Brand Identity

Brand guidelines - Colour Palette

Hungry For More?

Check out our case study for Mrs. Davies Bakery to discover how we combined brand identity and strategy to create a Welsh heritage brand.

What Our Clients Say

"I loved every moment working with this amazing team. Super helpful, patient, and delivered an incredible job."

- Myles Petford

"I have worked with Ventur on various different branding tasks over the years and without a doubt they are always professional, creative, supportive and more than anything dedicated to their clients. It was a pleasure to work with the team and if a branding agency is needed again Ventur will be my first port of call. Highly recommended."

- Jessica-Megan Clarke

Ventur Agency have revolutionised our company's branding, right in time for our expansion of services and renovation of our offices. They poured their hearts and souls into managing this project, and we were given a huge amount of deliverables covering any and all platforms to use our branding assets on. The emotion we're feeling right now is excitement at how much they have hit our brief and provided something that we're proud to show to the world, and that will attract the exact clientele that we are looking for.

- Frankie Maiden

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