Moving Mountains

It's SO realistic even the cows can't tell!

One of our wilder commercials to date. This one features some realistic plant-based burgers and an angry cow who thinks his mate's being eaten for lunch!

This concept was born out of our typical against-the-grain approach. We really wanted to do something people hadn't seen in the plant-based food industry before to help our client cut through the noise. Our three main objectives with this campaign were:

  • To show how delicious, premium, and realistic the Moving Mountains products are.
  • To highlight the moral issue of eating animal products without alienating the meat-eating or flexitarian demographics.
  • To use comedy and satire to appeal to a wider audience rather than just catering to vegans.


Brand Voice
Audience Profile
Competitor Analysis
Pre Production


Colour Grading
Sound Design
Visual Effects
Motion Graphics

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Get ready to rumble (your tummy, of course). Click the play button above to watch the full commercial.

The Steaks Were High

The "Mexican standoff" moment between the angry cow and the farmers was the foundation on which the entire concept was built. It really paved the way for a script full of character and satire.

Over the years we've filmed with a variety of different animals from horses and dogs to sheep and chickens. In terms of difficulty, a wild cow definitely takes the cake. Big shout out to Betty the cow for making our lives difficult but also stealing the show!

Moving Mountains

A Good Script Is Like A Good Recipe

We like to spend a good amount of time in the concepting and script phase of pre-production. Our approach is to ensure we're creating a unique idea that the market hasn't seen before, to display the brand's voice in a way that is consistent and authentic, and to align the video's purpose with the brand's wider business goals.

We love marking up our scripts with lots of detail and colour to help guide our crew and the client throughout the process. To evoke feelings of "family time" and "summer" we complimented the script by shooting the commercial with a set of vintage lenses. This achieved a lovely warm and traditional feel.


We chose actors that we felt formed a realistic family; one that people could relate to and connect with. Our tenacious trio gelled wonderfully together on set which added to the believability and charm of this family.

From left to right: Annette Ross, Megan Holgate, Jason Lines

Moving Mountains

Caramelising The Image

As with all of our commercial video production, colour grading plays a huge part in conveying the right tone. With this commercial, we really wanted to capture a soft vintage look  with some extra punch to keep the food looking super vibrant and delicious.

We had beautiful sunny weather for most of the day so our approach in post-prdocution was to emphasise the warm golden tones and to keep things bright and airy.