Moving Mountains

Flippin' delicious.

This commercial is our go-to case study whenever we want to show new clients what they can expect from us. It's not surprising that it achieved 15 million views and an influx of Sainsbury's and Ocado sales in just 3 months.

The client came to us with the burger flip idea then gave us full creative control to build a concept around it. It was a true collaboration from start to finish, resulting in the commercial exceeding of its all targets and delivering a strong ROI.


Brand Voice
Audience Profile
Competitor Analysis
Pre Production


Colour Grading
Sound Design
Visual Effects
Motion Graphics

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It's time to get flippin' crazy! Click the play button above to watch the full commercial.

Our Foodie Family

We believe the key to any successful project is to make sure everyone is well-looked after and having fun. It really does bring out the best in people and keeps the cast, crew, and client all on the same wavelength.

Moving Mountains

Food Styling 101

Making the product look irresistible is always our main focus when trying to sell to an audience so the attention to detail has to be top notch. That means brushing the burger patties with a mixture of oil and marmite to give it shine and colour, plumping up the bread with makeup sponges, drenching the vegetables in water to look nice and crisp, and perfectly melting the cheese with a heat gun.

Getting Creative

We pulled off some crazy stunts in this one! Would you believe that we achieved the burger flip by skewering the patty with a knife, attaching that knife to a drill, and then hitting the trigger to spin it? Well, it's true... We also used fishing wire to guide the elements of the burger downwards in a nice line for the landing shot.

Moving Mountains