Who We Are

Ventur is a strategic branding agency based in London. We give companies the roadmap for building a successful brand through creative workshops, market research, and strategic thinking.

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Meet The Founder

"10 years ago I was touring the UK, playing heavy metal music and ruining people's ear drums. It was an amazing time in my life that allowed me to share my creativity and bring joy to others.

During that time I was also excited about filmmaking, so I decided to marry my two passions and began creating music videos. By the time I was 17, I had a sizeable roster of clients in 8 countries around the world, many of which were bands I admired and had listened to growing up.

As I honed my craft as a storyteller, I began offering my videography services to the corporate world. But after 8 years of building up my expertise, my team, and my portfolio, I encountered an issue...

The high quality content I was creating wasn't performing well online, and I couldn't figure out why. I decided I wanted to get more involved at the decision making stage before projects even reached my doorstep. This is when I discovered brand strategy.

I became obsessed and wanted to learn everything there was to know about building a brand, connecting with customers, positioning, and market research. What I realised is that none of my clients actually had a brand strategy. They were just asking me to create ideas that they thought were cool rather than doing what was objectively right for their customers.

Since then, I have fallen in love with the process and made brand strategy our core service offering at Ventur. It allows me to impact lives the same way I used to when I was making music, and gives me the same creative fulfilment I used to get when I was making films.

Everything I do now is about building a legacy. If that resonates with you, then we share the same purpose."

- Kaine Levy, Founder

Kaine Levy playing the drums
A film production crew working on-set

Our History

In 2012, before Ventur became the strategic branding agency it is today, we were a production company making films that screened all around the world. A few years later, we decided to bring our expertise as filmmakers to the corporate world, producing commercials for brands that wanted to share their story.

But there was a problem. We realised brands had no idea how to articulate their story, how to build relationships with their customers, and how to differentiate themselves against their competitors.

So Ventur evolved once more, using strategic frameworks to help companies build every aspect of their brand. We facilitate collaborative workshops and deliver a clear roadmap for achieving brand and business goals.

Our Core Values


Core value: "Legacy" as depicted by the Statue of Liberty


Core value: "Curiosity" as depicted by a light bulb


Core value: "Self-Awareness" as depicted by a woman looking at her reflection in the mirror

We want the work we do to be worth remembering. Internally this keeps us driven towards the greater cause of leaving a legacy. This is our "why" and the reason we get out of bed every morning.

Staying curious helps us to build deeper connections with people by ensuring we truly understand them. It also prevents us from prescribing solutions before we have the complete picture of their challenges.

The foundation for positive decision making, effective communication, and true creativity. Self-awareness is the soul of our culture here.


Core value: "Connection" as depicted by a group of colleagues drinking beer together

Whether you're a client or an employee, nothing fulfils us more than building meaningful relationships. We passionately believe that the best way to do business is to genuinely care about the people you work with.