Ventur Agency is a UK-based brand consultancy working with companies globally. We facilitate workshops, conduct market research, and create strategies to help brands grow.

Being on the front lines of your business every day can be overwhelming. We provide a fresh perspective to overcome challenges and discover opportunities.

Whether you want to find a gap in the market, prototype a new idea, build a brand, or increase profit, our brand consultancy services can help you get there.

Brand Consultancy

Let's get your brand seen and found.

Example deliverables of brand consultancy with Ventur Agency

Brand consultancy is for you if...

  • You want to build a strong company culture
  • You want a roadmap to build your brand
  • You want a fresh perspective into your operations
  • You want to overcome sticking points in your business growth
  • You want to attract more of the right customers
  • You want increase the lifetime value of your customers
  • You want to find gaps in the market and stand out from competitors
  • You want your marketing to generate more leads and sales

Businesses we've transformed

"Going on this brand consultancy journey has been a fascinating progression for the company where we have not only achieved the goals we set out to, but we understand how and why we have, which is far more important.

We tried the classic business approach of throwing money at marketing to hook strong leads, and this did not work. Kaine then set out a document with a clear journey for us that instantly fixed the problem, and in the process, we learnt so much valuable information about who our customers are.

Ventur is on the journey with you to reach the destination, not just to get off once the invoice has been paid and cleared."

Headshot of Alex Gregson, Founder of 344 Audio
Alex Gregson
Founder and CEO, 344 Audio

"Quite simply the best experience with a brand consultancy I have had to date. Ventur integrated into our team seamlessly and established our entire brand strategy, producing deliverables we didn't even know we needed!

Kaine has been with us for the journey, checking in to see where things are going well, and also delivering some hard truths as to where other elements in the business aren’t aligning with what we set out.

The team were patient, knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to work with."

Headshot of Kara Buckley, Marketing Director
Kara Buckley
Marketing Director

"We have worked with Kaine on our brand strategy and it has been a true pleasure!

We started off with a very helpful workshop where he flew out to meet us in Germany and it was a great learning experience. Following our workshop, Ventur put together a very helpful document based on market research and information gathered from our workshop which will now be a valuable guide for future branding decisions.

Kaine has been very responsive with the communication, helping us whenever we needed any extra information. He goes above and beyond to help his clients be successful and reach their goals!

We are excited to see what the future holds for us after Ventur’s incredibly helpful branding strategy!"

Headshot of Ana Monte, Founder of DELTA SoundworksHeadshot of Daniel Deboy, Founder of DELTA Soundworks
Ana Monte and Daniel Deboy
Co-Founders, DELTA Soundworks

"I have to start by saying a huge THANK YOU! Working with Kaine and team has truly helped us transform our business. We were stuck and needed some direction and they came in and helped us find the right focus to build more solid foundations for our brand.

Kaine has been so generous with his time, we’re so grateful for everything he’s done for us. His strategic mind helped keep us focused on the right things and has come in right when we needed him most. Everything he does is rooted in strategy which has really helped us prove out ideas and build on the right insights. It’s felt like he had joined our little team for a bit, he cared so much and so genuinely it made it so easy to work with him.

I can’t recommend Ventur enough. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Headshot of Ana Monte, Founder of DELTA Soundworks
Sophie Khoury
Co-Founder, Eat It Like