To truly stand out in the food and drink industry you need to break the mould with an adventurous brand strategy.

As an agency, our aim with brand strategy is to connect you with your customers on a deep emotional level and claim an untapped market position. This adds huge commercial value to your business and creates a tribe of loyal customers that will advocate for your brand. This is known as "brand equity."

Brand Strategy

What Is Brand Strategy?

Brand strategy uses detailed research and creative thinking to carve out a unique market position for your food and drink brand. The end goal is to assist in achieving your wider business goals whether they relate to profits, brand awareness, company culture, or anything else.

Brand strategy takes into account the end consumer, existing competitors, and industry trends to design touchpoints and experiences that stick in people's minds. The way your brand is perceived is ultimately dictated by the consumer so it's important to do everything we can in the brand strategy stage to influence their perception in your favour.

Below is an easily digestible look at the core elements of brand strategy. If you can successfully implement these six things, your brand is going to stand out like that one curly fry in a portion of thick cut chips.

We're sorry in advance. This WILL make you hungry...

"It's not what you say it is.
It's what they say it is."
- Marty Neumeier

The Brand Burger by Ventur Agency

Our Brand Strategy Framework

Our proprietary brand strategy framework guides you through this process with interactive workshops, in-depth research, and creative collaboration. By understanding your target audience on a granular level we can build your brand in a way that resonates with their desires, hopes, pain-points, fears, and unmet needs. The result of the brand strategy process is your brand master guide.

Your master guide is the roadmap for your brand story, visual identity, brand persona, marketing, positioning, company culture, and business development. It is the manual for your brand that will differentiate you from your competitors and accelerate business growth.

Your master guide clearly outlines who your brand is, your values, your competitors, why you’re different, who your customers are, how to engage with them, and how you can provide innovative solutions to their problems.

We’ve guided everyone from startups to multi million pound companies through this process. Trust us when we say that brand strategy is a no-brainer for any food and drink business looking for longevity and a serious competitive edge.

What Our Clients Say

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- Becca Sandler

"We completed a strategy with Ventur to help capture and document who we are, why we do what we do, who our customers are, who our team should beand untapped market opportunities to take. Going on this journey has been a fascinating progression for the company, where we have not only achieved the goals we set out to, but we understand how and why we have, which is far moreimortant. Almost every goal and line item in the strategy has been executed (or is in the process of being executed), and Kaine has been with us for the journey, checking in to see where things are going right, and also delivering some hard truths as to where other elements in the business aren’t aligning with what we set out. The most fascinating of these is the sale of our courses. We tried the classic business approach of throwing money at marketing to hook strong leads, and this did not work. Kaine then set out a document with a clear sales journey for us that instantly fixed the problem, and in the process we learnt so much valuable information about who our customers are and why traditional social media advertising is not the right approach. Most importantly course sales are above predictions and our agreed milestones. Ventur are on the journey with you to reach the destination, not just to get off once the invoice has been paid and cleared."

- Alex Gregson

"I am struggling to find the words here to give the Ventur team the credit they deserve - quite simply the best experience with a marketing agency I have had to date. Ventur integrated into our marketing team seamlessly and established our entire brand strategy, producing deliverables we didn't even know we needed! The team were patient, knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to work with. Ventur Agency are not just a service provider, they ensure they become an extension of your brand and quickly become a valued part of the team."

- Kara Buckley

Our Brand Strategy Services

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Purpose
  • Brand Persona
  • Customer Profile
  • Market Research
  • Positioning
  • Company Culture
  • Gap Analysis
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