Mrs. Davies Bakery

Simpler times.

Mrs. Davies is a heritage brand we built from the ground up to fulfil a huge gap in the UK baked goods market. During our research we uncovered that people were crying out for hearty, homemade, traditionally British products that deliver those much needed moments of simple pleasure.

We strategised the brand heavily on Welsh heritage, and positioned it uniquely as a premium option oozing with personality and culture. The primary customer demographic is suburban and rural British families that value the importance of slowing down in an otherwise busy society.

Reminisce back to your childhood. You're sitting at the table with your grandparents on a sunny Sunday morning, a delicious buttery crumpet in one hand and a hot cup of tea in the other. Everything is exactly as it should be... That is what Mrs. Davies is all about.


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Setting The Table

As with all of our tasty branding work, we always start with a stylescape. This type of moodboard gives a birds eye view of the brand's look and feel, aligning us with the client and setting the table for the rest of the visual identity.

Mrs. Davies Bakery

Delivering The Goods

Unlike existing options that use cheap, unaesthetic and environmentally-damaging plastic to package their crumpets, Mrs. Davies offers a beautifully designed box that clearly communicates the brand's core message and stands out vividly on supermarket shelves.

"Cymru am byth" - Wales Forever

The colour palette for the brand was heavily influenced by the Welsh national colours. We adapted the white to more of a creamy tone, softened up the red and green for a more gentle vintage feel, and added a rustic walnut brown for depth and warmth.

The image style adopts a low contrast yet vivid aesthetic that harks back to the cinematic qualities of 16mm film.

Mrs. Davies Bakery

Strategic Ingredients

Mrs. Davies far exceeds great products and picturesque visuals. The brand was born out of a strong purpose to provide an emotion connected with childhood memories. With the 21st Century world moving so quickly, we really wanted to capture that feeling of slowing down, enjoying family time, and being part of a tight-knit community.